Did Digg change their RSS feeds?

This is a random technology gripe, but I wanted to throw it out there in case anyone else was experiencing this.

Did Digg change the way they’re presenting their RSS feeds?  I subscribe to all of the RSS feeds and keep up to date through FeedDemon (an awesome desktop RSS reader by the way).  All of the sudden on Thursday the feeds changed names (in a minor way) to “Digg Stories / / ..” and now are including associated images, which FeedDemon is displaying as thumbnails.

Personally I can’t stand the thumbnails view, and with a user-generated site like Digg there’s no telling what thumbnails will come up – especially if I’m viewing this in a public place.  Is there any way to turn the thumbnails off all-together, or subscribe to a Digg feed that doesn’t include these?  I looked on Digg and couldn’t find such a thing, so I’m wondering if there’s a setting in FeedDemon.  Browsing through the options I couldn’t find anything obvious, but maybe I’m missing something.

Did anyone else notice this?

Update: I meant to post a screen shot of what I was talking about:

Newsgator hating Craigslist?

I’m in a technology-griping mood, so this may be the first in a series of posts about tech things that bug me this week.

I’m an RSS junkie, and to facilitate my addiction I read all of my RSS feeds using FeedDemon, using the Newsgator Synchronization that was offered with purchasing FeedDemon.  I’ve been very happy with using Newsgator to give me my RSS feeds.  It allows me to use FeedDemon over my home computer and laptop and keep the feeds in sync.  They also have an awesome mobile web site that lets me read feeds on my phone when I have a few extra minutes.

All of this functionality is not without it’s drawbacks.  First, your reliant on Newsgator’s synched copy of the feed your reading.  For the most part it’s relatively quick, but there are instances where Newsgator’s copy of the feed has been out of sync for hours and sometimes 1-2 days.  I’ve ultimately accepted that, but now it’s been almost a week and Newsgator has yet to synchronize with any of my Craigslist feeds.  I thought maybe Craigslist changed the way they delivered RSS, but that hasn’t been the case.  My attempts to unsubscribe and re-subscribe through the Newsgator feeds only results in the delivery of the same old content (most recent was 9/23).

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but it’s really discouraging for a service that has normally been quite reliable.  I could disable the synchronization for the Craigslist feeds, but then that takes away my 2-computer and mobile abilities.  I’m almost half-tempted to use Google Reader, but I love the Feed Demon software and I don’t want to sift through two copies of my feeds.

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