Oh and I got a new phone

Note: I meant to write this post a day or two after our engagement, but time has gotten the better of me. Better late than never.

The other less exciting event on the 19th was the day that I got my new phone. I finally ended up settling on the HTC Mogul XV6800. It was actually a comment from my earlier post that pushed me over the fence to choose it over the Samsung SCH-i760, as it would be nice to have the ability to upgrade to EV-DO Rev A when Verizon gets it, plus the extra storage memory makes a big difference.


I am now almost 20 days into owning the phone, and it’s an exponential improvement over the Treo 700w.  The fold-out keyboard takes a bit of adjustment, but I’ve grown to appreciate the larger screen.  I love the scroll wheel on the side (which I know is common for many smart phones these days).  The extra memory is wonderful, and I’ve never had to worry about running programs degrading phone performance (which I obsessed about over the Treo).  It’s a breeze to switch between the Wi-Fi and EV-DO service, as well as the camera is a good quality for camera-phone.

There aren’t many things that trouble me over the phone, although I did struggle with the battery life initially.  I solved that by simply turning Bluetooth off when I wasn’t using it (I previously left it on all the time on my Treo), it hasn’t been a show-stopper.  Also, I was excited to see that the Mogul received an announcement that it was going to be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1 that was announced earlier this week… for Sprint customers. I hope that Verizon makes a similar announcement soon.

I’m nearing the end of the 30 day return period, but I’m going to stick with this phone.  It’s not perfect, but I still think it’s the best one that Verizon offers.

And my Treo…  still not destroyed.  I hung onto it to make sure all the data I needed was off. It’s on my desk at work, but it’ll probably be meeting a hammer pretty soon.