Graphic Design Project: New Rockies Logo

Speaking of the Rockies, I’m taking a graphic design course this semester. I needed to get some elective credits and figured this would be a pretty fun class.  Our first project was to either re-design the Colorado Rockies logo, or the University of Colorado logo. I decided to do the former and go for a replacement of the “CR” letter logo, going for a more classic look.  I’m anxious to hear what you think:

Part of this project was to create an identity package, which includes hats, jerseys, a bus and a plane.  I’ve applied my logo to those as well:

 <br />    <br /><img border="0" alt="Rockies Logo" src="" width="500" height="172" />     <br /><img border="0" alt="Rockies Logo" src="" width="500" height="192" />

Once again, I’d be anxious to hear your thoughts!