I did it!

After 31 days of blogging I took a break yesterday, but I wanted to commemorate my small achievement in completing NaBloWriMo.  As I posted a month ago, I was going to attempt to blog at least once per day for the next month, and 37 posts later I made it!

I’m not going to lie: at the start of the month, it was a real chore to start blogging.  There were nights when I sitting in bed next to my sleeping wife as I was typing away, anxious to hit “Post” before 12am.  It was about the end of week 2 I finally caught my second wind and it became easier to block out time to blog.

Not all of my posts were must-reads, but some of my favorite ones over the month included:

I’ve really appreciated the experience, and hope that this will continue to ignite that blogging spark that I found when I started this blog back in May of 2005. Thank you for all of your support be reading my blog, and I hope that this was as fun for you as it was for me.

Watch Out: 31 Straight Days of Blogging

Yes you’ve heard it right, today I’m going to launch into the seemly impossible task of blogging at least once per day for the month of October.

nablowrimo3I’m taking part in NaBloWriMo which commemorates National Blogging Month (who knew!) by committing to blog once each day.  With my blogging track recording being as dismal as it’s been over the last few months, I thought this might a good jump-start to getting back to blogging.

What will I blog about – at this point I’m not sure. I’ll try to give an offering in various subjects, mainly offering what modest thoughts I can give to a topic.  I simply may react to what’s going on in in the world that day, and look towards starting a conversation on those topics.  I would appreciate any participation and encouragement by commenting below.  Wish me luck!