Pigeon helps stop the Eagles

You may have seen this on the weekend’s highlight packages, but this is easily the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.  Make sure to watch the video through the replay:

However, what made me laugh out loud here at work was the blog post on Shutdown Corner, offering a likely conversation between the Pigeon and the Raider. Definitely worth clicking through for a read.

Why I’m glad I’m not a Raider fan

Last year was definitely a tough year for the Broncos.  Going 7-9 and basically unraveling at the end of the year was pretty hard to swallow.  Right now the Bronco faithful are just praying that we can get back into playoff form in 2008, especially before the "free agent bloodbath" on the horizon.

But I still love the Broncos, and I’m proud to be a Bronco fan. 

It could be worse. I could be a Raider fan and have to come home to this every night:


It could be worse, Bronco Country.  At least we don’t have Skeletor or the Crypt Keeper running our team.

Walker joins the enemy

Hilarious news tonight on ESPN:

Wide receiver Javon Walker, released by the Denver Broncos on Friday, agreed to a deal with the division-rival Oakland Raiders on Tuesday, a source told ESPN.com’s Michael Smith. The terms of the deal call for Walker to receive a six-year, $55 million contract that includes more than $16 million in guarantees and pays him roughly $27 million over the first three years of the deal.


I bet that this is the look Javon had when he realized that he just sold his soul to the land of obscurity – known as Oakland.  Good riddance Javon, good riddance Raidahs – you two were made for each other.  Enjoy each other’s misery.

At the start of the 2007 season, I really liked Javon.  I really wanted to support him after what happened with Darrett Williams, and was looking forward to him going into the NFL season healthy and eager to see what he could do.  I supported him at the start of the season, then when he got hurt really early on in the season.  While I did tell my Bronco friends “Man it sucks that he’s hurt”, I never criticized Javon for being hurt.  He needed to take care of his business.

However my sympathy for Javon stopped when he slowed back into playing but started complaining about not getting the ball enough and not being a bigger part of the offense.  It was obvious he was jealous of the attention Brandon Marshall was getting on the field.  I had no idea where this whining came from. What did he expect, that once he was hurt that we’d shelve the offense and say “Oh well, let’s not have anyone else try to step up and score points.  We better wait for Javon to come back and save us all”.  Javon, you missed the majority of the 2007 season, of course it sucks, but you can’t criticize the Broncos offense for moving on. 

As our playoff hopes diminished I had was looking forward to what a healthy Walker could do with Brandon Marshall next season.  You could see a Chad Johnson/TJ Who’sYourMama similarity in the offense for next year.  All that flushed down the toilet when Javon whined about being in Denver at the end of the season and demanded a trade to another team that would feature him.  He tried to apologize a few weeks later, but it was pretty hard to un-ring that bell.

As I said, Walker and the Raiders were made for each other. Let me count the ways this is bad for both of them:

For Javon:

  • Way to go be a big fish in the small talent pool that is the Raiders.  After complaining about not being utilized enough, signing with a team that managed to flush Randy Moss’ talent down the toilet. As soon as Moss busts out of Oakland he becomes arguably the best WR in the NFL for 2007.  And this is a good thing for Javon because…
  • Way to play for a team that has no semblance of being competitive and just taking the money.  Granted the Broncos didn’t make the playoffs last year, but at least we contended for playoff spots in December.  The only thing the Raiders contend for is a top-3 draft pick.

For the Raiders:

  • Nothing says “Smart Spending” like throwing $55 million at a guy who has had 2 major knee surgeries in the last 2 years, and hasn’t played a full NFL season in 3 years.
  • Nothing says “great chemistry” when you combine whiney Walker with malcontents like Jerry Porter, combine that with an essentially Rookie Quarterback and you’re bound to have fireworks on the sidelines.

Well, this will make Raiders games all-the-more interesting.  This isn’t Eddie Kennison, but it’s definitely Kennison-esque.