Begin: Rockies Ticket Disaster Part II

By now everyone is sadly aware that the Rockies ended up getting swept by the Red Sox, and thus there is no game 5. The tickets to game 5 that I was lucky enough to buy are now essentially useless. Next step: trying to get my money back for the canceled tickets.

I went to the Rockies web site this morning and clicked on “Ticket Refund” information, only to find this extremely vague statement:


I understand why we’re supposed to mail the actual tickets (for the poor folks who resorted to buying eBay’ed tix), but how the heck can you expect a refund when you’re not instructed to send them more information? Would it be too hard for someone in Rockies management to make a quick form that you can print, fill-out and mail with your tickets? I guess I’m going to write a letter asking for my refund and include it with the tickets.

After the debacle that was the sale of World Series tickets, would it be too much to ask to not have a potential cluster**** with the return of the tickets? Geez it’s going to suck going through the 50,000+ tickets by hand, hoping the people in the ticket office can read the return address.