More on Shanahan

After digesting the news coverage for a few hours, I have a few more random thoughts on the firing of Shanahan, and where that ultimately leaves the Broncos.

  • The word is that Bowlen wanted Shanahan to fire Defensive Coordinator Bob Slowik and Shanahan’s refusal to do so prompted his own firing.  Shanahan’s had a pretty rocky relationship with defensive coordinators, but at least Shanahan didn’t sacrifice his convictions and took a bullet for one of his guys.  The end result is now they’re both gone
  • Driving around this evening, I unplugged my iPod and turned on Talk Radio.  You have all of the hacks calling in and saying they should make John Elway or Dave Logan the coach of the Broncos.  Give me a break! That makes as much sense as naming Barak Obama head coach of the Broncos
  • Speaking of head coaching candidates, the Broncos have a pretty attractive coaching opportunity when compared to other teams: A Franchise QB (unlike the Jets), a good corp of receivers (unlike the Browns), a good outlook (unlike the Lions) and an owner that’s supportive without being too crazy (unlike the Raiders).  This may lure some of the prospective coaches that were looking for a good opportunity. Bill Cowher Cowler would be the blockbuster of the off-season.  Peter King says that Cowher Cowler won’t consider coaching until this daughter graduates high school this spring, so it’s still a long-shot.  Steve Mariucci is also a coveted coach that is reluctant to leave his NFL Network job – I’d like him as well.  There are also some really good coaching prospects from the Pats and Giants.
  • One coach I’d be really disappointed with – Brian Billick. He may be a damn good coach, but he loves the camera a little too much.
  • Shanahan’s going to be back in the league coaching this year. My money says the Jets, but he may have to swallow his pride and accept less power.
  • I heard another long-shot perspective for Shanahan: The Dallas Cowboys. How funny would it be if Wade Phllips got fired AGAIN in favor of Mike Shanahan. One thing’s for certain: this off-season has gotten a lot more interesting.

Shanahan just got fired?!?

This just in: Shanahan got fired

As I was writing my “Things I Think I Think” it never entered my mind that Shanahan had to go, but apparently the Broncos brass felt that they needed to do this.

I’m watching the NFL Network, watching Adam Schefter saying that this was something the fans were demanding – completely full of crap.  Look, I realize that Shanahan may not be the coach that he once was, but tell me an NFL-caliber coach that’s better than Shanahan that’s available right now.

I think the firing is basically because while Shanahan has been an amazing coach, he hasn’t been the best Football VP – all of these questionable draft picks, free agent signings.  While the coach/GM role was popular at the turn of the century, there’s been a shift to a distribution of power. Maybe they wanted Shanahan to give up that power and he wasn’t willing to do so.

I wonder if the Broncos have an ace in their pocket with a premier coach like Cowler, but I don’t think that’s going to happen