Snow day!


For those of you outside Colorado, you may have heard that we are getting quite the snow storm.  Late yesterday afternoon it started raining, which quickly turned to snow as the night progressed.  Both Bethany and I drove separately from Denver to Fort Collins and dealt with the horrible road conditions.  We woke up this morning with a robo-call for Bethany that told her the Fort Collins schools were closed. We were doing a chili cook-off at work, so I still drove into work.  My chili was a hit at the sparsely-attended event, but was still a lot of fun.

I had no doubt that it would snow this week, as Greenfoot has a show tomorrow night.  It seems like we’ve had crappy weather for the last 3-4 shows that we’ve played.  I’m holding out hope that the snow will taper off early enough tomorrow to encourage people to come out to the show.

For those of you in Northern Colorado, I hope that you’re safe and warm tonight (and have nowhere to go).