Day Marked with Blessings

Well another long long day…  Marked with a lot of great milestones though, but in the end still long.  Still I’d like to count my blessings:

Blessing #1) Got my windshield replaced!  YEAH!  It’s been cracked for about a month and while I didn’t really care about my last car’s windshield being cracked, this was the ONLY thing wrong with the Explorer.  Getting it back almost felt like the car was brand new again   I’m looking forward to detailing it this weekend.

Blessing #2) It rained all day.  While most people would hate this, I love the rain.  Everything is just wet and really green and it gives us hope that we won’t have another drought this summer.

Blessing #3) My Dave Matthews Band CD’s came in!  After nearly two months of waiting the day is finally here!  Yesterday the new DMB album came out ("Stand Up") and today I received that CD, PLUS the bonus CD, PLUS 3 different live albums.  All together I got 10 CD’s of Dave Matthews Band today!  How cool is that?!?  That’ll give me something to listen to for quite a while!

Blessing #4) In that same mailbox as those DMB CD’s were my DMB Tickets!  Bristow, VA here I come

Blessing #5) Dinner with Emily.  I am blessed with an amazing friend and it’s neat to be able to just hang out and have fun!

Blessing #6) Done with finals! Now I can focus on that huge to-do pile!

So in the end, today was a pretty good day.  I got a few things knocked off the "to-do" list.  Got some mysteries solved at work, nervousness about deployment date beginning to subside…

Matchmaking-Sister’s Roomate update: My sister talked to her roommate, who said that I was "really nice" – whatever that means.. Whether this is good or bad I have no idea…

Jo-Anna update: She called me!  Unfortunately we realized that she is 5 hours from where I’m at.  Either way you do the math, someone or both of us would have to do a lot of driving on Thursday to hang out..  We agreed that it’d probably better to hang out in August.   I think she’s going to come on the NCSC retreat. Jo-Anna rocks