Recap of "walking" weekend

A long and challenging weekend has come to an end.  Bethany participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer last weekend, enduring miles of walking in the grueling 90-degree weather.  I was lucky enough to be able to join her for the first few miles, riding my bike along the route, riding ahead to each cheering station so that I can cheer her along the way.  I was sad that I had to leave for the second half of Saturday’s walk, but was relieved and proud to hear that she made it all the way.

She was a true warrior all throughout the weekend, and gave it all before her hip gave out on Sunday and she had to cut her walk short.  I’m very proud of her, not only for giving it her all, but also for being able to face her situation and make the right decision and avoid long-term injury.  Even with the hurting hip, she managed to walk over 31 miles over the weekend – an amazing feat! Most importantly, Bethany raised over $1800, contributing to the $2+ million raised during the weekend in the fight against breast cancer.  Great job Bethany!

Bethany (middle) walking in Cherry Creek