I’m Done with IE

Tonight should be a quick post.  I’m really tired, but I really wanted to not fall into the habit of not poisting (after going strong for three weeks now).

First and foremost I am writing on Firefox tonight because Internet Explorer is FREAKIN’ STUPID!!  DO NOT USE IT if you ever can…  Now I love to rip on Microsoft as much as the next guy (but truth be told that they make some great quality products – i.e. Office, Visual Studio) but Internet Explorer has definitely outlived it’s usefulness.   About a year ago I made the switch over to Mozilla Firefox (which was in a beta at the time) and I haven’t looked back ever since.  Unfortunately I cannot get rid of that pesky Internet Explorer, due to the fact that many web sites/applications still require it – Xanga being one of them..  Granted you don’t need IE for Xanga, but the text editor module which allows you to apply and retain rich text styles only works in IE.

So anyway I fire up IE on my desktop this evening to make my Xanga entry and what do I find?  My start-up page has changed (it’s usually set to a blank screen), replaced with some stupid URL that is running scripts that are being executed by my machine that my Virus Software is catching and disabling.  NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!  I know many of you have encountered this before, but for a total computer nerd, I pride myself on my ability to keep myself from computer STD’s (or viruses).  So I’m a bit peeved at Internet Explorer right now, because if they didn’t have their stupid security loopholes that hackers take advantage of then I wouldn’t be in this predicament to begin with.

Moral of the story: if and when possible please use Mozilla Firefox!!

So I’ve fallen off the planet for the last few days – at least to the outside world.  Truth is that I’ve been spending all my time in Loveland with my sister’s high school graduation going on.  We had some family come in which I am taking every opportunity to spend time with, as well as trying to help my mom and the rest of my family maintain their sanity throughout this crazy time.  In the course a few days we have 2 graduation parties to plan (don’t ask why we have two – this is a sore subject), the commencement to go see, a Rockies game to go watch with the whole family (I am really excited about this), and most importantly seeing my sister Amanda from graduation on Saturday to leaving for the summer on Tuesday.  The decisions that brought my sister to make such a drastic and sudden transition are those of her doing (despite objections of the entire family), but regardless we are now trying to support her in getting out of town by Tuesday night.  So things are nuts right now….  I’d like to get more specific, but the lateness of night along with the need for me to be up really early on Sunday prevents me from explaining at this time…  Hopefully more to come…