Inaugural Posting

So here we are – my inaugural posting…  I’m typically not one to jot my thoughts on paper, or a web site for that matter, but I’ve decided to give in and join the latest fad of blogging.  Plus I have so many thoughts going in and out of my head I thought it might be interesting to capture them somewhere where they can be reflected upon.

So being that this is my inaugural posting I should probably give a breakdown of what my life in this day and age.  The majority of my life is devoted to both work and school, and when I say both of them, with the majority being focused on work at this point.  I’m blessed with a great job that is career-oriented and challenges me.  The downside is that working full-time has put me on the non-traditional extended school plan, something that has been more of a struggle.  This last semester I only took 6 credits, and easy ones at that.  At this rate my present calculations will have me in school for the REST OF MY LIFE… There is actually end in sight, but it’s still quite a ways away.

Outside of school I keep myself busy with all sorts of activities, a majority of them being church related.  I used to be totally involved in my campus ministry, serving on the leadership teams, pastoral council, and all of these various committees.  Unfortunately within the last year there have been a lot of changes going on, which have left me feeling pretty disenfranchised.  I struggled a lot during the fall semester and ultimately decided to resign from a majority of my leadership roles and have pretty much disconnected from the student group.  It’s a big part of my life I’m still in grief about and still struggle with watching all of the changes.

This brings me to where I am today.  I am involved with the National Catholic Student Coalition (NCSC).  I totally love this organization, the people in it and all of the teams I am a part of.  It’s been such a blessing in my life and I’ve once again found a "home".  At the same time, I still struggle with wanting some way to connect with people on a local level and am exploring opportunities to do that.

Outside of that my time is spent drumming, going to concerts, listening to music, working on various projects and trying to be a good friend.  I am a huge sports fan and love going to virtually any sporting event (besides soccer).  Big time Broncos fan and am just counting down the days until football season starts…

Well that should do it for now…  My goal is to try to write something every day and see how things are going.  Hopefully my journaling of each day’s events will help shape the picture of my life…  Thanks for reading.