Wonderful Dinner

Today turned out to be a great day!

First off, as I am writing this I am sitting my parent’s living room waiting up for my sister.  This week I’ve been sleeping over at my parent’s in Loveland, while my mom is in Orlando taking a well-deserved vacation.  So to help the family out I am house-sitting here and taking care of my 16-year-old sister.  I’m still trying to keep her out of trouble  . In all seriousness she is really responsible.  Yes she’s been staying out late, but she’s always calling me letting me know where she’s at, who she’s with and when I can expect her home.  When I drop a curfew on her she’s been home at that time so as far as younger sisters go she’s being great!  Right now she is coming home from the Kenny Chesney concert, so I am being a good big brother and waiting up for her.

Work today turned out to be pretty hectic, but also pretty fun. It was hectic because I ended up spending over 7 hours on the phone and we ended up having to do a few installs with one of them failing.  We ended up going home for the day not knowing what exactly has caused our problem, or how we can fix it.  This does not bode well for our decision in choosing to adopt this upgrade into our current migration efforts.

It also turned out to be pretty good because I managed to cut through a lot of my tasks like a hot knife through butter and get everything done.  I’m at a poitn where I’m looking for work to do – it feels great!  It was also funny because as these installs were going on we ended up with a lot of down-time which gave me a chance to have some good conversations with my co-workers.  We talked about everything fromt pets to wines to retirement accounts and social security.  It was pretty interesting and turned out to be time well-spent.

I had a great dinner + dessert tonight.  I got to make dinner for a really amazing girl, and then we went up to Horsetooth to enjoy dessert while watching the sun set over the reservoir.  It turned out to be an awesome night, and I found out I’m not such a bad cook after all.