Too Busy for Summer

Wow…  So it’s really been a while since I’ve posted here…   I’m really sorry for falling off the face of the earth the way that I did.  I didn’t mean to neglect my posting, but things just got really busy…  I did actually create a post on late Sunday night, but then my laptop randomly rebooted (I actually was doing some installs in the background) and I lost everything.  This post won’t do justice for my lack of posting, but just to give you a sense of everything I’ve been doing.

  • Busy Weekend!  Last weekend ended up rediculously busy for me.  My Saturday was basically spent out of town.  I went down to Arvada to celebrate my friends – Brian & Gina’s wedding.  It was an awesome event.  It was great to see a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in a while – Rachel, Fr. Bob, Christie Homewood, Abe, Ashley..  The list goes on.  It was a blast.  My only regret is that Bethany and I weren’t able to stay long enough to dance…  But besides that everything else was perfect!  I’m really happy for Brian & Gina and hope that God blesses them as they begin their holy union together.
  • Drums Along the Rockies  Saturday night Bethany and I left the wedding a bit early to head down to Drums Along the Rockies, a Drum & Bugle Corp competition.  I’d like to explain a lot more, but if I do I’ll be posting forever and pretty much won’t go to bed   More later though (and pictures)
  • Work Work has been nuts.  I’ve basically been stuck in meetings all day for the time I was there, and I am on a short week (taking Wed-Fri off) so that made things a bit more stressful..  Oh yeah, and they announced that they’re going to be laying 10% of our workforce off (14,500 people).  Argggh…
  • NCSC Trip I’ve been blessed to have people from the NCSC Executive Board coming to visit me this week!  As I write this two of the four have actually arrived, and we get to see Erin & Maureen tomorrow.  That’ll be a lot of fun.  However, I spent quite a bit of time getting my quaint little apartment ready for 4 house-guests.  After lots of cleaning and some moving of furnature, I think we’re ready.  I’m so grateful for my mom for all of her help.  I wouldn’t be anywhere close to as ready as I was without her.

More to come later…