Dave Matthews not into himself anymore

Hahaha I came across something this morning that made me laugh pretty hard – a good piece to all of the Dave Matthews haters out there.  As a big fan I found it pretty funny too, mainly because I hear this all the time from people who used to be fans.  Some of my favorite lines were:

"I was so blown away by everything I did—especially my live performances. I remember me and my buddies used to drive for hours just to go to one of our shows."

"Rock music with a violin? I don’t know," Matthews added. "Seemed cool once."

"I used to talk for hours about my music or spend a whole night in a DMB chatroom," Matthews said. "But now, the people at the shows seem like such geeks, standing there with their elaborate taping equipment. They’re really, really young, too. What do I have in common with them? They’re just a bunch of kids who need someone to look up to. Why would I look up to me? I’m so 1997."

And even though I shouldn’t have to point it out, I will – the Onion is weekly satirical paper, so obviously this interview never happened

Oh and 2 & 1/2 weeks until Red Rocks.  My tickets get shipped tomorrow!