First day of classes – kind of…

So thus ends my first day of classes..  It’s back to school time and you can just smell that chalk dust in the air..  Well I can’t – because this is another semester of on-line classes for me..  Another semester where I’m not cool enough to go to an actual classroom.  Actually, it’s more like I’m really slammed at work and between my job and all the traveling I’m doing this fall semester I thought it’d be in my best interests to take on-line classes.  So right now I’m only taking 2.  I’m thinking about adding another one on, but we’ll see how things go.  I’m already looking forward to the spring when I’ll actually be going to a class again!

While this marks a big change from summer-time to fall for most of my friends, the biggest change is that I’ll no longer have time to play 3-4 games of Madden per day, but rather only 1-2…  Actually there are more changes for me, but it’s mainly that I need to find some good solid time to get my reading done, as well as caught up in all of my assignments.  Right now I feel pretty good about being able to manage my time, especially when I’m not working from home as much and going into the office a little more often.  The change of environment really encourages me to be productive.

It’s funny to see the changes that happen in Fort Collins when school starts. There are some good changes and some really bad changes.  The good changes is that the Old Town night-life really picks up, and the city is a-buzz with activity.  The downsides is that there seems to be more traffic, and things are just overall more crowded.  All summer long I was one of three people in my apartment building that was living there, and it seems that literally overnight the parking lot is now full and everyone is busy doing their own thing.  On Friday night I came home to find that my next door neighbor was having a party…  Looks like things are getting back into routine.

A few nights ago I made the mistake of going to Target on the day that Freshman move into the dorms.  That was one of the worst ideas ever – that place was a freakin’ zoo.  Between freshmen in there with their parents getting things all situated, along with the brand new room mates that didn’t start moving into their place until this afternoon, Target was a total mess.  It seemed like every section of the store was packed. Then I went over to Best Buy (oh, during this whole time I was working on accessorising my new camera), I’m standing in line and there are these two girls in front of me.  One of them has this "Nintendo GameCube Starter Set" complete with the console, extra controllers and a few games, then her room mate had 5 2-packs of movies…  Okay, so what’s wrong with this picture?

1) What are two girls doing with a Gamecube?  Now I"m not saying that girls don’t play video games, I know a few that do, but when was the last time you saw two girls buying a game console?  I might be stereotyping, but virtually all the video game-playing girls I know got hooked on it because some guy in their life (either a brother, boyfriend or guy room mate) had the video games…

2) And what the heck are you doing buying all this entertainment crap 4 days before school starts?  While everyone else in line was buying laptop accessories, keyboards, memory sticks (all the basic back-to-school stuff) you guys are stock-piling video games and DVD’s?!?  This is going to be one fun semester for you guys!

3) When it came time to pay one gal put most of it on a gift-card she had, then put the rest on her credit card with the other girl saying "I’ll pay you my half later".  When it comes to room mates, this is always a bad idea.  If you’re making joint-purchases with your room mate, 99% of the time someone’s going to end up getting screwed.  When the end of semester/lease comes, you find yourself battling with them about a fair price for the other half of what you want.  The monetary value is never what you think it is, and then it becomes worse when people mix in sentimental value into the item ("well the TV is worth more to you because you watched it a lot more than I did").  This is never a good idea – I have the battle-scars to prove it!

So yes, maybe a few nerdy observations here, but the way this line was moving I had A LOT of time to think about this kind of stuff!

Oh, so I finally took a picture with my new camera…  And it seemed really appropriate that my inaugural picture for my new camera was of people who are very important to me – my family..  And as you can see, I was not actually the photographer of my camera’s first picture:

My mom, my sister Amanda, (me of course), and my sister Christina

Then my second picture was of me with my Broncos season tickets before I had to tear the first pair off for the first pre-season game:

More to come later, but for now I must get going to bed, as I have yet another full day ahead of me!