New Madden!

Whooooooaaaahooohooo…   (or however that sounds…)

Today is the day!  For the last few weeks I’ve talked about how excited I am that football is started.  Well one of those football milestones is here.  Today is the day…

Of course I’m talking about the release of Madden NFL 2006!  My life isn’t going to be the same (at least not for the next week or so).. lol…  The game was released this morning and while I wasn’t there when Best Buy opened, I did manage to make it there during my lunch break and get my copy!

It’s been a tradition since 2001 that I get it on the release day, and I’ve pretty much been banking up my PS2 time – not really touching my console for the last few months (outside of taking some time to beam Matt in the head with baseballs).

So now it’s time to cash in on the PS2 time…  You wonder why I’ve been tying up all these loose ends for the last week – this is the reason why (well maybe not the reason, but subconsiously I was probably doing it).

And of course, it has my favorite QB right on the cover – Donovan McNabb!

Must not give in to the temptation….  Must not leave work… to go play…. Madden….

I’m hopeless…  But actually I’m really excited to see Bethany today.  She’s coming home after being gone for the last 6 days, and I’m anxious to hear about her adventure in DC.  So I’m sure Madden will wait another day   But the point is that I still bought it on the first day it came out