Great Broncos Sunday

Ohhhh man… Freakin’ Broncos – that’s all I can say.  Physically, I can’t say much right now, my throat is raw from all the screaming that we did tonight at the game.  But it was worth it 30-10!  For the longest time it was 30-3!  It was an exciting game tonight, and I was lucky to be there and be a part of it.  Bethany and I had a blast!

This game topped off an awesome football weekend, where things turned out very well for me:

  • I won the family football pool with a 13-1 picking record, 13 minus points (of course the Carolina upset had to be ranked high)
  • I won the 950 the Fan football pick’em for my group
  • I won my first Fantasy Football game of the season – 92-86 – it’s about time!!
  • I cleaned up in my ESPN Fantasy League
  • The Broncos SPANKED the Chiefs

Alright, it’s late.  I’ll write more tomorrow…