Pointless Bits of Randomness on a Tuesday afternoon…

Why last weekend was so cool / Why I love football:  On Sunday I got the chance to do something that I’ve been meaning to do this fall semester – stay home all freakin’ day and watch football on TV.  Watching two back-to-back games – 7 hours of football (followed by another 3 hours of off-and-on watching of the Sunday night game).  When I get excited about football season starting, this is exactly why I look forward to football – not because I want to kill a whole day watching TV, but because this is really an opportunity for me to take a mini-vacation from school, work, and all of my responsibilities, but at the same time be productive as well.  While I was watching football I did actually get my homework done & caught up, did a little bit of work, as well as lower my NCSC mountain of work that I need to do – it was quite productive.  At the same time, I was flipping back & forth between the two morning games (my Philly Eagles vs. the Raidahs, Green Bay & Tampa Bay), then watching an awesome game in the afternoon that came down to the wire.  On top of that, I had my Fantasy Football Stat-Tracker up and running for 7 hours (can you imagine having a web page open for 7 hours) – tracking the progress of my fantasy team and allowing me to keep tabs on all of the games and the impacts of the other teams in my fantasy league.

As the day progressed I realized that my fantasy teams were kickin’ some major butt.  I saw that with a few lucky breaks my football pool picks were coming true (I only missed one game the whole weekend!), and it was turning out to be a great weekend.  At the end of the day these accomplishments are trivial at best and will be forgotten in a week, but for a few moments, in my mind – I was king of the pigskin.

What’s also good is that this probably won’t happen again for some times (I’m talking about watching football all day, hopefully my strain of good luck will continue).  For the next two weekends I have weddings, drum clinics and a Broncos game to go to (I have it rough), but Sunday was exactly what I needed.


I made my way over to the DMB Warehouse web site to see what’s new, when I saw one of the coolest things I’ve seen this week:

Dave Matthews Band is interested in polling its fan base to find out what you’d like to see released from the Red Rocks weekend. Please select one choice from the following. Thanks for providing us with your feedback!

Please select below:

  • Red Rocks 9.9.05
  • Red Rocks 9.10.05
  • Red Rocks 9.11.05
  • Red Rocks Benefit for Hurricane Relief 9.12.05
  • Best of Red Rocks (all four nights)
  • Complete Red Rocks Box Set 9.9.05 – 9.12.05

My buddy Matt and I were talking prior to this, and we both have been predicting that they’ll make a Live CD of Red Rocks (okay, to give him proper credit – he predicted and I agreed) – so it’s really sweet to see this come true! What’s really cool is this will be the second Live CD Release of a show that I went to (I went to the Live at Folsem Field in 2001).

So for the record, I voted for Complete Box Set – of course!


Finally my friend Michael sent me one of the most annoying things I’ve seen in quite some time.  Watch it at your own risk – don’t say I didn’t warn you!