Evil Vending Machines

Before I couldn’t stand the vending machines here at work, but now I hate them.

I forgot my Nalgene today, so when my typical afternoon thirst came up I decided to go get a pop – don’t ask me why I need to have pop when I don’t have my water bottle, I don’t know the answer…  So I get out my wallet and put $1 into the machine hit "Cherry Coke" and get in my hand ready to catch my pop… WHEN NOTHING HAPPENS.  The machine flashes $1.10 at me.

$1.10 for a 20oz plastic bottle of Cherry Coke?!?  What’s the deal here…

Our freaking vending machine vendor (which is also our food vendor) raised their prices – again!!  What gives?

$1.10?  It’s bad enough it’s $1.  I remember when it was $.75 for a 20 ounce bottle! (Now I feel old)..  But $1.10 – where do you come up with that extra dime?  Vending Machine consumers like nice round numbers – or increments in Quarters.  $.50 – $1.00 – $2..  But $.10??  So I had to put in another $1 and I almost didn’t get the change back because I couldn’t figure out that you had to press a button to get your money (I guess the machine assumes that I really don’t want my $.90) Now I have a pocket full of change that rattles whenever I walk!  This sucks!

Freakin’ Vending Machine vendors and their stupid price increases.  I’m almost wondering if I should set up my own pop machine here in my cube and charge $1.00 – so people can have their nice round number and this vending machine price-gauging can stop.  Some nice healthy competition should drive these pop prices back down.

If the vending machine people are going to charge $1.10, they might as well mark up the price to $2 so we don’t have to worry about getting our change out of the machine.  Then when the price is $2 I can just walk to the hotel down the street to a hotel and buy a pop out of their vending machine – at least I’ll get some exercise and have some variety in the soda merchandise.  – And why is it that pops in hotel vending machines cost so much?  Has this ever happened to you: You’re out on a trip, it’s late at night and that Bathroom faucet water isn’t cutting it, so you figure you’d like to quench your thirst with something cold to drink when you walk out to the vending machine only to find that the pop there is $3 for a little bottle (or like $2 for the can).  How many of you have bit the bullet and actually bought that soda???

So lesson of the day – don’t forget the Nalgene water bottle again.  I just hope that our vending company doesn’t start charging for their water dispenser…