A gross but interesting pondering…

This morning while I was in my staff meeting (which was a phone conference), we heard a lot of background noise going on.  Just when it was about to get unbearable, the high-up manager chimed in "Guys, I’m really sorry for the noise.  I’ll be honest, my son just got sick and threw up at school, so I’m picking him up."

While on the phone a few of us were IM’ing back and forth, saying how bad we felt for her son, then one of my co-workers mentioned how embarrassing it must be for the kid.  "Probably the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you at school."  At that point I started thinking WAAAAY back to when I was in elementary school.  Is getting sick the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you at school?  From this spawned my list of most embarrassing things that could happen to you during elementary school.  Getting sick ranked #2.

So think back to when you were really young, and in that mindset, what are some of the worst things that could happen to you?  Maybe some happened to people you knew, or maybe you were the unfortunate victim of one of these incidents…  As you start forming your list, check out mine.

10. Showing up with a lame lunchbox

9. Getting Nerdy Glasses

8. People finding out about your 1st crush, or worst yet – your 1st kiss!

7. Getting kissed by your parents in front of everyone

6. Getting caught snapping girl’s bras

5. Major food spillage

4. Getting sent to the principals office

3. Forgetting to button your fly, or having your pants ripped in a revealing area

2. Getting sick and throwing up

1. Having a "bathroom" accident, soiling your pants

I know, I probably left off something majorly embarrassing, so make to make any additions/revisions to this list in the comments section!