Broncos, Eagles and TO

It’s been a long and crazy week, hence no posts.  Things are only going to get crazier, so I thought now would be a good time to capture some big reflections before they escape my brain.

Last weekend I went to one of the coolest Broncos games I’ve been to, one that I’ve been looking forward to going to for years.  Broncos, my favorite AFC (and overall) team, playing the Eagles, my favorite NFC team.  This is the first time since 1998 that they’ve played each other, and will be one of only 2 times every 8 years that they’ll play each other.  So you can bet that I was excited to see this game go down.

Being that the Broncos are my first and all-time favorite team it was no doubt that I would choose my Broncos jersey over my Eagles jersey, but I still wanted to show some kind of allegiance to the Eagles, so I decided to sport my Eagles hat in combination with my orange John Lynch jersey.  The other reason this game was so amazing is because of where I got to sit.  My good friend Emily invited me to sit with her in her family’s seats – on the 30 yard line, 4th row, behind the visitor’s bench!  It was sooo freaking cool.  I managed to take my camera down there and take some pictures to give you an idea of just how close I was.  It was freakin’ sweet!

We actually didn’t get into those seats until the 2nd quarter, as one of Emily’s friends had asked to switch seats with us for a quarter. Emily, being a good friend, agreed, so we spent the first quarter in the nosebleeds in Section 518, only a few sections over from where my normal season tickets are.  That first quarter experience was an adventure in itself: the right side of the section was all Broncos fans, but on the left side of the stands there were 3 rows worth of Eagles fans.  I’ve meet individual Eagles fans before, but this was the first time that I’ve been them collectively, and I was extremely disappointed.  These guys were almost as vulgar and belligerent as Raider fans – and that’s the standard for savage fans.  These guys didn’t limit their smack talking to football, they were cussing up a storm, flipping everyone off and then saying things about people’s mothers…  What a bunch of jerks! 

They were most arrogant and out of hand at the beginning of the game.  Then the Broncos stormed down the field and scored on their first drive.  They were still jerks. Then the Eagles went 3-and-out on their first drive, and as they were punting the Eagles fans started to quiet down.  When the Broncos stormed down their field the second time in the row the Eagles fans finally shut up and just looked really somber.  At that point I said one of the funniest things that I’ve said in a long time.  One of the Eagles fans got on his cell phone and started talking away on it, at which point I decided to yell loudly "Eagle fan, are you calling your mom to come pick you up?", the whole section of Broncos fans erupted with laughter.  It was awesome   Then the quarter ended and we left and took our seats.

The game turned out to be very exiting.  The Eagles began to stage a come-back in the 3rd quarter, but their hopes of winning were squashed by a Broncos interception in the end zone.  At that point the Broncos just piled on and drove the score to 49-21.  It was an awesome win

One of the best parts about sitting in Emily’s seats was the fact that you could heckle the visiting team, and they could actually hear you.  It was awesome!  We spent pretty much the entire second half heckling Terrell Owens (or "two") as I call him (in defiance of everyone calling him T-O).  At one point during the 4th quarter he starting yelling back and it was freaking awesome.  The rest of the time Two just went around and yelled at everyone else.  He always needed to complain to somebody, but when it came time for him to make a play, he ended up dropping some key passes during the 4th quarter.  Two did end up scoring a touchdown, but it was up against a hurt Champ Bailey.

One of the funniest parts was at the end of the game when the crowd sang "Kiss Him Goodbye" to the Eagles…  Knowing that they heard every word of "Na-na-na-na" was just awesome.  Then one of the fans in the next section over started flapping his arms in the ear like an Eagle would flap it’s wings – right in front of their defensive linemen – it was hilarious.

Overall it was one of the funnest Broncos games I’ve been to, and I can’t be happier that the Broncos are 6-2.  I can’t wait until next weekend when we punch the Raiders right in the mouth!