“I hate that $%@!ing Christmas tree. The tree HAS to come down.”


Just when I thought I had a fun and crazy New Year’s, I found out the 24 star Kiefer Sutherland went on a 7 hour bender in London, resulting in him getting into a fight with a 12 foot Christmas tree!

I’m still going through my 24 addiction, and am halfway through Season 3.  Season 5 kicks off next weekend, but I have to ask myself – why did Kiefer need to fight the Christmas tree?  Maybe the tree was part of some terrorist plot and after 7 hours he only have 17 hours left to save us all.   Maybe he was extracting revenge on the tree for kidnapping his daughter.  Maybe the tree was once an ally of Kiefer’s but ultimately betrayed him. Desperate times call for desperate tactics!

Well at least he asked for permission before knocking it down!  You can give him that!