I understand that the word "hate" is a very strong word, and I try very hard not to use it lightly – but right now this is the best word that can describe the level of anger and contempt that I have for this company. I’ve never had good luck with them, with the most recent event being my Christmas Eve fiasco that ended with me having to meet a UPS truck in a random parking lot just so I could get it before I left for NCSC. Since that occurrence I have loathed UPS – I didn’t hate them, but now I hate them.

About two weeks ago, while borrowing my car, my family ran over this metal plate that ended up slashing my tire and actually tearing up the rim. Since then I’ve been confined to driving on the spare (luckily it’s the full-sized spare), but mainly sticking around in town. My mom has been great in trying to resolve the situation by getting a replacement, but because the car had these specialty rims that have a built-in pressure gage. She ended up having to order a replacement through this parts dealer from Denver (when the part was actually in California). It took all of last week for it to get out here from California, but the guy in Denver finally got it and shipped it on Friday (it’s about time).

For those who aren’t in Colorado, Denver to Loveland is only about 40 miles north of Denver, so one would figure that it wouldn’t take more than one business day for the package to get here. Well because it wasn’t Saturday delivery we had to expect the rim on Monday. So Monday comes and go – and we have no rim. We held out hope that we would maybe get it in the evening, but no luck. Surely we would have it by Tuesday morning, but now that’s turning out to be wishful thinking.

At this point, we called the UPS help line to find that the package was not shipped on Monday because it required an address correction. We were irate to find out the level of correction that was needed – (as an example) the address listed was 2390 Maple, when the correct address should have been 2390 E. Maple. You’ve got to be kidding me! I could understand this issue if we lived in New York or Los Angeles, but not in rinky-dink Loveland, CO. When someone local called back they fed another story – that the driver mis-keyed the label and was looking for 2300 Maple.

This is ridiculous! Your primary function is to deliver packages, and issues like these should never happen. We’re paying you $15 to get transport this a mere 40 miles for a reason, and the gross level of incompetence is intolerable. Supposedly the reason you go through these Parcel-Shipping services is because what you’re delivering is too important to be trusted with the Postal Service, especially if you’re a business. Yet they can’t even do that right.

I understand that sometimes people screw up and these things happen, but they happen all too often in my dealings with UPS. It literally seems like half the time they screw up a delivery for me. There is a element of human error that could be forgiven, but when your business processes are flawed then the onus does go back to the company. "What can brown do for you?". Well for starters, let’s stop making FUBAR from easy shipments.

Today I begin my boycott of UPS. I will now avoid UPS at all costs for any of my shipping needs. I don’t care if I need to pay more, "Brown" isn’t going to steal any more of my money. Every time I see one of those stupid yellow tags on my door – I will see red.