Make up your mind Brett!

I remember watching Super Bowl XXXIII when the Broncos gave a beat-down to the Atlanta Falcons, winning their second super bowl in as many years.  It was a great achievement, a great moment of celebration.  I remember the trophy-raising ceremony where John Elway was crowned the game’s MVP.  As he raised the trophy in the air I remember someone from Fox (I want to say Terry Bradshaw, but I honestly don’t remember) shove a microphone right up to John’s face and ask "So John, does this mean you’re going to retire, or will you be back next year?"

"Geez," I thought, "Can’t they just let him enjoy this moment right now and think about the future tomorrow?"  Talk about pushy! While this was the biggest question of the ’99 off-season (a question that wasn’t answered until May 2nd officially), we all knew the answer.  I wasn’t mad Bradshaw (or the Fox) guy so much for asking the question, but reminding me of the inevitable – Elway, one of the greatest Quarterbacks of all time, the epitome of the Denver Broncos – was going to retire.  The rest was just a formality.
The same can’t be said for Brett Favre.  While he is also arguably one of the greatest Quarterbacks of all time (Elway kicked his ass though), still leaves us wondering that question on April 10th!  Ever since the last Packers game of ’05, one of only 4 wins they had all season, the big question for the Packers: "Is Brett coming back?"  He’s 36, his best days are behind him, he’s had many family tragedies over last few years, the Packers suck and probably won’t be better any time soon.  From the outside looking in, it should be an easy decision.
So why is Brett taking this long?  He claims that he’s sitting back and waiting to see what off-season moves the Packers make.  He wants to make sure they’re serious about improving the team. 

I realize that he doesn’t want to tarnish his legacy any more than to have back-to-back losing seasons, but if the TO situation taught us anything, it’s that no one player is bigger than the team.  I know that Favre is larger than life in Green Bay, and while I’m not a Packer fan, I can understand what a player of that caliber means to your team.  But what Favre is doing right now is hurting the Packers, and Favre is quickly spending the good will he’s stashed in the bank over the years.

Last weekend Favre called a press conference, and while many were anticipating his decision, Favre left us with more questions than answers.  The news: He still hasn’t decided whether he’s going to play next season.  Thank you for coming.  Thanks for nothing Brett.  It’s bad enough that the Packers slept through the free agency period by not bringing in a veteran back-up.  Now the Packers may have to deal with going into the NFL Draft with no idea of what to do with the QB position.

Favre, you’ve had a great career.  If it’s time to ride off in the sunset – do it!  We know you have something left in the tank, so if you want to play – play.  Just make up your mind!  As it stands, if Favre retires the presumptive successor is going to be Aaron Rodgers, who has thrown a grand total of 16 passes…  It looks more and more that Packer fans are going to be in for another season of standing in the cold, completely pissed off.   The more time that passes, the more likely they will use the name "Favre" with explatives before and behind it.