1:15am – Orlando Trip Eve/Day

Ugh, as I was approaching 1:30am I decided to get up and blog, because it doesn’t seem like I’m going to be sleeping any time soon.  I’ve been laying in bed for upwards of 45 minutes, and I just can’t sleep.  Perhaps it’s nerves  Perhaps it’s excitement mixed with adrenaline.  Perhaps it’s the two cokes I had at 10pm, but I simply cannot sleep.  It doesn’t help knowing that I’m going to be up in an hour, getting ready to go to the airport. 

I keep thinking about everything that I’ve packed – if I had missed anything.  Looking at my packing list, it’s funny to see just what a nerd I am.  I have packed so much technology, it’s pretty much filling a suit-case.  For an 8-day trip, I am packing the following technology:

  • A Netgear Wireless Router
  • An external hard drive enclosure
  • A multi-card reader
  • A power strip
  • A DVD player – not a portable DVD player.  Just a slim DVD player that’s guaranteed to work
  • A DVD booklet
  • 2 Digital Cameras (My good one and my "I don’t care about much" one)
  • A laptop cooling pad
  • A USB Hub
  • A trackman/mouse
  • Laptop lock
  • Game Controller
  • Random installation/program CD’s (just in case I need to reinstall Windows or something)
  • iPod (+ charger, plus cables)
  • Treo 650 Smartphone
  • Extra Network Cable
  • Bluetooth headset

This insane.  Granted, I don’t need most of this tech stuff, especially when you’re going to Disneyland.  However, each thing has it’s purpose, and I know that some point in the trip I’ll be grateful for bringing each thing.

Oh that reminds me, I need to pack two of my web books as well as my photoshop book.  Almost forgot…

Oh, and to make matters worse, I’m carrying on a case of beer – gotta love that.  I’m anxious to share the latest New Belgium summer brew – "Skinny Dip" with the rest of my family..