12 on the 12 for June

As the 12th comes to an end, here’s another 12 on the 12th!. You can also find them (which includes the full-sized pictures) on my Flickr! site. Check them out below (also, be sure to check out my girlfriend’s Bethany’s 12 on 12th)

8:45am – Leaving my apartment for work. My car is one of the only one’s in the lot this summer – part of working full-time in a college town!

Heading into the office. This is the building I work in, one of 8 on our campus.

During lunch I took my new bike out for a ride. I biked 2 miles to Deli Zone and had an awesome Philly Cheesesteak!

Getting started on my bike ride home. This is the traffic light outside of the Cinemark Theater in Fort Collins.

I put in an afternoon of work at the office. As you can see I am in my normal Monday trance…

Leaving for Orlando early Wednesday morning, I stopped off at Target to get some last-minute items.

While at Target I got a call from my girlfriend Bethany – who just bought a bicycle! I met her at the bike shop and we loaded it into my car. Bethany’s eyes are closed, but we both are now proud owners of new bikes!

After the bike shop Bethany, (the other) Jeremy and I went to Johnny Carino’s for some dinner. We all had the "bowtie festival"

Bethany and I went on a bike ride along the Spring Creek Trail. Right before we turned around we got some pictures with our bikes.

We stopped by a pretty part of the creek to take a picture on our bikes.

We road home while the sun was setting. With a view like this I love living in Colorado!

I ended my day in my home office with an NCSC Conference Call. We usually have calls late at night so we can use our evening cell phone minutes.

That should do it for June! If you are interested in seeing more 12 on 12th check out the Daily Breakfast Forum.