Gory Death Scenes

Today as I was listening to Cnet’s Buzz Out Loud I heard one of the funniest things I’ve heard all week.  Apparantly if you go to Wikipedia (the on-line user-driven encyclopedia), and search for "Gory Death Scenes" you get a list of all different types of gross, graphic ways people have bit it on the silver screen, as well as the movies that feature those ways to do.  Be careful when visiting that site, especially if you have a weak stomach.  Check out the site!

Some notables on the list:

  • Death by blendering
  • Death by chainsaw
  • Death from immersion or falling into a molten substance
  • Death from slicing by a sharp object where it takes some time for victim to fall apart

The fact that people have taken time not only to list these movies, but categorizing them the way they have – it’s just too much.  I wish I had this much time on my hands.

So who’s up for a "Death due to contact with a caustic or otherwise deadly substance" movie marathon this weekend?