Digg got a Sports section!

Great, as if I didn’t need another reason to waste more time – Digg comes out with a sports section!

One of the ways I like to keep on top of news (primarily in the technology arena) is by going to Digg.  Digg isn’t so much a news site as it is a repository for news, but with the ability for users to rate the stories & content, discuss and essentially "control" the site.  You read a story, and choose whether or not to "Digg" it, increasing it’s popularity. If the story is inaccurate, off-topic or lame, you have the ability tag it as such and with enough tags it’ll get "buried".  You also have the ability to do the same with comments people make with the story.  Sometimes the comments build a mobb-mentality, but for the most part I find them insightful and entertaining.  It’s definitely an interesting way to receive your content.

What Digg really is – is addicting.  I find myself going there multiple times per day, and when I’m not actually on the site I’m always looking at my Digg RSS feeds for the latest.  A few weeks back Digg released Version 3 of their site, which expanded the site beyond technology and to incorporate other categories including: World News & Business, Entertainment, Videos and Science.  It was exciting seeing all of these new categories, but when they were released I saw one glaring omission – Sports!  It would be awesome to have that same Digg functionality for all of the latest sports stories.  I went on my own private, personal crusade of submitting sports stories into the "Celebrity" section of the Entertainment category, but really didn’t have any impact.  So I kept dreaming…

Monday morning I noticed a Digg story about Tiger Woods winning the British Open.  I thought it was pretty interesting, I thought that someone was doing the same thing I was doing and having some more luck.  It was to my astonishment when I looked at the category and saw "Golf".  I did a double-take to the left-hand menu and saw a brand news section!

This is too cool!  I hope that the new section continues to prosper, as well as attract sports fans to Digg.