12 on the 12th for August

Here it is!  As promised, my 12 on the 12th included pictures from a wedding – my friends Ryan and Karen.  Congrats to them!  Outside of the wedding, I tried my best to stay on top of my picture-taking – check them out below:

I begin my day by heading out to run my pre-wedding errands. This is my car outside of my apartment. Lately I’ve been parking right under the tree so the shade can cool-off my car.

First stop of the day: filling up the tank for the week. Ouch – gas prices are hurting my wallet. At times like these I wonder about having an SUV.

Next, over to target to get the wedding gift. I’m not really into registries, so I just opted for the gift card.

This is the inside of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s in Fort Collins, where the wedding was held. I didn’t want to take a picture during that Mass, so this is right after the wedding as we were all heading out.

One of the great parts about weddings is seeing all of your good friends again. From left: Emily, myself, Joel & Shannon

This is a picture of the church hall next to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s – it’s beautiful! My friends Meghan and Michael are in front.

I broke out my camera during the toast and took a picture of Michael through my champagne glass.

Joel chowing down on the good food – I think this was his second plate!

Dancing at weddings, doing the "Electric Slide". I was glad to have my camera at this point – anything to avoid dancing!

After the wedding I went to my mom’s to visit my uncle who is in town. They were replacing the wooden gates with vinyl – hopefully the dog won’t tear these up!

My sister and her boyfriend came over. We played with the dog for a while and then threw the football around. This is my mom’s back yard.

My sister Christina and Cole our cat. We call her the "Mafia Cat" because her fur looks like a tuxedo: black on the outside with white up her stomach.

My fifth 12 on the 12th is in the books!  Next month’s edition should actually include the Dave Matthews Concert! I’m definitely looking forward to that!