Long week!

Wow, TGIF!  I am really grateful that this week is finally coming to an end.  At the beginning of the week I knew that this week was going to be long – little did I realize how much of an understatement I made.  Frankly work has kicked my ass.  When it’s all said & done, I’ll be putting in about 55-60 hours of work this week, and it’s all been fighting fires, with our application consistently going down.  It’s definitely frustrating to say the least.

I’m a little fearful about this upcoming week: given the amount of butt-kicking that works’ brought about, I’m nervous to add school on top of that.  Also looking at my schedule next week I have something going on virtually every night. Ugh.

On some good notes: I got my Broncos season tickets yesterday!  It hurt the wallet a bit, but I was fortunate enough to be able to pull it off for another year!  Now football season can officially begin…

Tonight Bethany and I are headed down to the Pepsi Center in Denver for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.  This is a show I’ve really been excited about.  I saw them a few years ago at the crappy Fiddler’s Green / Coors Amphitheater venue in Denver, and it was about as good as it could be at the venue.  I can’t stand Coors Amphitheater because they have this noise ordinance that prevents any groups from playing after 10:30.  Snoop Dogg actually opened for them (which was an unique but awesome combination), but he played for almost 90 minutes, and when the show started at 7pm it really didn’t give the Chili Peppers much time to play at all.  This time, I’m really anxious to see a full set from them.

This will also be the debut of my "concert-camera".  I bought a used Casio Exilim EX-S3 camera off of eBay a few weeks back. My intention is to have a camera of decent quality, but is small enough to sneak in.  Both the Sonys and Exilims got good reviews for slim cameras, and the price was right on for the Exilim on eBay.  This thing is small enough to fit in a deck-of-cards holder, or a cigarette case – should be easy enough to smuggle.  I am looking forward to providing an update on my concert-camera’s inaugural journey.