An awesome concert!

I just returned from an evening with the Chili Peppers, in what was an amazing show!  With as much as I was looking forward to hear them – it definitely lived up to all the hype!  I’m not really sure if I can pinpoint one thing that blew me away, as much as every aspect of the concert was excellent: from the lighting, to the energy, to the stage presence, to the music selection.  The Chili Peppers had an awesome set-list.  I was almost expecting a run-down of the "Greatest Hits", but they actually had an eclectic mix of latest hits from Stadium Arcadium, some of the newer hits, but also some great features of older stuff like Funky Monks and Blood Sugar Sex Magik.  All of the songs they played were just booming, strong PHAT tunes!  It was great!

What made the concert awesome?  I think my girlfriend Bethany put it best when she said something to the effect of "When you can see that the people on stage are enjoying playing and having fun, it makes it a great concert.".  True words.

The Exilim did pretty will on it’s inagural outing.  I didn’t know if cameras were banned from the concert.  We saw no signs, and we saw quite a few.  However, I managed to sneak it in without being caught, and the shots that it took were pretty decent!  I showed some images below, check out the rest on Flickr!

This is a shot of the stage.  They had this big panels all across the back of the stage, then had them mounted on the ceiling.  This was some of the coolest stage lighting I’ve ever seen!

Bethany and I.