Oh I am so getting Madden for the Wii (and hence a Wii)

Through Digg, I just watched the coolest video previewing the new Madden 2007 for the Nintendo Wii. After watching this video I am now drooling over my laptop wishing that I could push time forward like that Japanese guy in Heroes.  Simply put: that game looks amazing!

I’ve been a big Madden guy since Madden 2000, and for the last six years I’ve been buying both the console and the PC versions of the game – up until this year.  When Madden 2007 came out in August, I was already stressed out by a busy schedule and strapped for cash from the Broncos tickets and starting the news business.  I did the unthinkable and held off buying Madden.  Two months later, I haven’t gotten around to buying the PS2 version.  Part of my reluctance is also due to my feelings that PS2 is now obsolete, and I am wondering if I should move to the next generation of consoles.  The XBox 360 is expensive, but the quality is definitely there.  The PS3 has been  tarnished in bad press – from constant delays to shortages to the shockingly expensive price – and quite frankly I’m not really interested in giving Sony any money. 

When originally launched, I thought the Wii wasn’t going to be able to compete with X360 of Ps3 at any level.  However, watching the news about the console develop it sounds like Nintendo is doing everything right.  The new controller looks like an awesome concept, the graphics look like they can be competitive, they have a healthy schedule and production line (supposedly they’re going to produce 4 million consoles at launch), and best of all – the price is right ($250) and won’t break my Christmas budget.

After watching this Madden video, I’m sold – November 19th can’t come soon enough.