Did Twitter change their CSS fonts?

I’m a Twitter addict, and spend far too much time on the the site.  I end up loading it one way or another, through some kind of 3rd party app or Firefox Extension (Twitbin is my favorite), but I pretty much go directly to their site most of the time.

It was to my misfortune when I logged in from my desktop machine and saw the grossest Twitter delivery ever! I wished I would have taken a screen shot before I fixed the problem, but just trust me – it looked bad.

What was weird is that on my laptop things looked fine.  After some troubleshooting I realized that Twitter’s CSS is asking for the fonts it lists them in the following priority:

 font: 0.75em/1.5 Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif

Yep, Helvetica – that font that looks beautiful on Macs but when misused looks like crap on PC’s.  Sure enough, it looked horrible.  I ended up comparing the configurations and noticed I had Helvetica (or a PC version of it) installed on my machine.  After unloading the font Twitter looked normal once again.

I’m not sure if this font priority was a recent change, as I don’t bring up Twitter on my Desktop all too often, but I wanted to float this out there just in case anyone else’s Twitter looked like crap.

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