If Mascot Miles can’t talk, how can he blog?

Believe it or not, Miles the Broncos Mascot has a blog.  I was goofing around on the web this evening when I ran across Andrew Mason’s blog, the Broncos website’s managing editor, who also covers the Broncos from the inside (I found out that he live-blogs each of the games and does a great job!).

Back to Miles: Mason has a blogroll of other Broncos blogs including various Broncos players, officials, but what caught my eye was that the friggin’ mascot has a blog.  When your primary of form of communication is gestures and crazy antics, how can you be articulate enough to blog?  You can’t physically open your mouth, but some how you can spat off ramblings using your cloth hooves?  All joking aside, it’s a pretty cute way to outreach to fans, but I still have to stand by my previously-blogged stance on mascots.  They’re one (small) step above mimes, and would you really want to read a mime’s blog?

Mason’s blogroll has an awesome list of Broncos links, including CB’s Domonique Foxworth’s blog.  It’s really encouraging to see the Broncos embrace blogging as a way to outreach to their fans.  It’s a bummer that these things aren’t better publicized.  I’m a blog/rss junkie and this is the first I’ve heard of these blogs.

Speaking of Broncos blogs, if you want to get amazing coverage of everything Broncos, you need to check out Mile High Report.  I’ve been reading them all summer long and the content is excellent. 

Now that pre-season’s over, it’s going to be exciting to watch and see what the final Broncos roster will look like.  NFL kick-off Thursday can’t get here soon enough!

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