The games of NFL Football

The NFL kick-off is about 90 minutes away, and I couldn’t be more happy for a new season of football.  I try to get interested in other sports, but ultimately it’s football that I thrive in watching.  Not only do I love watching football, but also playing games around football: specifically fantasy football and NFL pick’em.

I fear this year I may be in football games overload, as I prepared myself for tonight’s Saints/Colts matchup, I ended up visiting 7 different web sites to get things ready.

On the fantasy side I have 5 fantasy football teams I had to prepare:

  • On Yahoo:
    • TJ Who’sYourMama – In my Raidah Hater’s league – this is the league where I personally know everyone and consider it my "serious" league.  We do Yahoo Fantasy Plus.
    • YouPlayToWinTheGame – In my Facebook Friends – a friendly game of Facebookers (obviously)
  • On ESPN
    • Dhani’s Bow Tie – On "Broncos Breakin" a random league that I joined to see what ESPN Fantasy Football was about
    • Dhani’s Bow Tie – Denver Steelers – got bit by the fantasy bug
    • Team Gaudreau – Indianapolis 477951 – this was a result of an evening I stayed up too late and decided to join on a whim

On the football-picking side I also have a lot of activity

  • Balderrama Football Pool – Family football pool – this has been a long-time tradition and we’re bringing it back after a year hiatus
  • 950 the Fan Football Pick’Em – This is something that a fwe of my friends do for fun.  The winner of EVERYONE gets a big screen TV.  It’s free, so if you’re like to play, join "47 Lynch Fans"!
  • HBO’s Inside the NFL – Beat the Hosts – This is something just for fun
  • ESPN Pigskin Pick’em – Another fun one
  • Pro Pigskin Pick’Em on Facebook – This looked interesting, and what the heck

So as you can see, I’m going to be making the rounds on Saturday nights, frantically trying to take care of everything.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m so glad football is here!