And the Rockies go to the World Series!

Simply Unbelievable!  Not only did they get there, but they got through the National League undefeated, sweeping with the Phillies and Diamondbacks!  It was a bit of poetic justice that our winning out came from Eric Byrnes, who went off after game 2 about how the Rockies were outplayed and just lucky.  I have to admit I smiled when he laid on the ground after sliding to first, realizing that they had just been swept.

As Tom Petty says, "the waiting is the hardest part".  Now we have to sit back for 8 more days until the World Series kicks off.  It doesn’t matter if the Indians/BoSox series is settled in 5 games they’re still going to start.  Nothing will be more classic than watching a World Series in Colorado with snow falling on the ground.  Thanks to the MLB for their rigid scheduling.  And while we’re thanking MLB for bonehead moves, thanks for scheduling the NLCS so late that I’m up until midnight when I have an early morning at work ahead of me.