Confessions of a Colorado Sports Fan

Dear Colorado Rockies,

I profoundly apologize for every/any negative comments I’ve made about you, and respectfully request admission to your bandwagon. While I have attended over 35 games since your inaugural season, I have not been the greatest fan.  Most of the time I went to those games because I didn’t have much else to do and tickets were extremely cheap.  However, that is no more.  You have ignited the state of Colorado with hope and excitement, and turned skeptics into believers (well almost all skeptics, except the East-Coast-biased national sports media that believe the Phillies lost the series and can’t fathom that large-market teams can’t get punched in the mouth by smaller market teams).  You have made a football-crazed city passionate about baseball and have given us hope – especially when hope is at an all-time low for another Denver team (dare I say 41-3 anyone?).

I humbly beg your forgiveness for all of the doubt and mocking over the years, and pledge myself to being a Colorado Rockies fan – not just because you represent the state I was born, raised & reside – but because are an amazing team worthy of cheer.

Go Rockies,


PS – If you do have any extra karma or magic lying around, please feel free to share it with the Orange & Blue

PPS – I still loathe Dinger won’t apologize for my feelings on him.  Regardless of how successful the Rockies become, Dinger is the crappiest mascot in baseball (and likely all of sports) and I still have no idea how a Barney wannabe has any correlation to the Colorado Rockies.