Classic commentary about last night’s Heroes

I just wanted to pass along a link to some great commentary about Monday’s (Nov 12) episode of Heroes from the blog.  Hilariously true as well, and definitely recommended reading (warning: some F-bombs are dropped).

“The most critical revelations this episode centered around what happened to Peter Petrelli, namely, how did he go from blowing up over New York to a shipping container in Ireland? The somewhat convoluted answer is that he saved his brother, was kidnapped and imprisoned by the Company, escaped with Adam Monroe, then got handcuffed by the Haitian inside the shipping container and had his memory erased. Perhaps most importantly though was his time spent with Veronica Mars, who will now forever be celebrated as the person that finally gave Peter a haircut.”

I agree with everything written in the blog, especially the part about the new characters.  There isn’t one new character on this season’s show that is all that compelling.  Adam may be the closest resemblance of being interesting.  I don’t get the Venezuelan twins, and the Veronica Mars character just annoys the hell out of me.  Now she’s tied with that Nikki character for Heroes I can’t stand.  The worst part is at the end of the episode NBC promotes “3 episodes left to save the world”.  It looks like they’re preparing for a season finale, punishing the viewers of the show for not being able to get their act together against the Writer’s Guild.  Hopefully this season doesn’t turn into a big roller coaster that made us slowly and steadily incline for 7 episodes, only to drop like 10 feet.