Trouble with Facebook Page editor selecting your brand?

This evening I was working on adding my band, Greenfoot, into Facebook.  In my struggles, I came across a great tip to share for anyone looking to incorporate their band (or artist) using the Facebook page editor.

When I tried to add Greenfoot as a page in Facebook, I found that my page was showing up as a business.  When I tried to edit the page information, I was being asked of our hours, products we offer – questions suitable for a business.  When I looked at the page, I saw it was showing up in the "Other Business" category.  After banging my head against the desk, I realized "it’s the browser, stupid".

Using Firefox, the page-type selection page appears as follows:


Despite clicking the Artist, Band, Or Public Figure selection, I was still being treated as an "Other Local Business". However, it wasn’t until I (reluctantly) fired up Internet Explorer when I realized that clicking on the radio button triggered a drop-down box that was supposed to be displayed.


This behavior was consistent with the "Brand or Product" selection as well.  Hopefully Facebook will fix this browser-compatibility issue, but in the meantime I hope this will will help someone looking to outreach on Facebook.