Honeymoon: Day 7 – More relaxation (this time with a Spa)

While the Honeymoon overall has been quite relaxing, we were especially looking forward to relaxing in the Spa at the Grand Hyatt.  After sleeping in a bit, we got up and had breakfast at our resort, then prepared for a day of pampering and rest.  We headed over to the Spa at the Hyatt for our Couples Massage.  We’ve both gotten massages at day spas before, but we weren’t prepared for the serenity that surrounded us at this spa.

We were both lead to our respective spa areas (they had guys & girls sections), each which had their own set of amenities.  After our tours and changing into our robes, we met back up at this relaxation room that had comfy chairs overlooking the beautiful scenery.  While we sipped our tea and waters, our masseuses greeted us and led us back to our own hut where we would receive our massages.  Bethany chose a relaxing massage, while I asked for one that helped relieve knots.  After about an hour of being massaged, we headed back to the spa to enjoy the other amenities for the rest of the afternoon.  We both enjoyed the Jacuzzi, as well as the private pool (for spa folks only).  We swam a little then laid out in the sun and relaxed.  We even ordered lunch to be brought to the spa.  After enjoying our lunch and more relaxation, we both went to our respective areas and used the sauna, steam room, and the twelve-headed shower.  We left the spa relaxed, refreshed and clean!

This was basically our only night in Hawaii where we didn’t have a dinner reservation, so we took this as an opportunity to grill out.  We stopped at the fish market and grabbed some Ahi, then went to the other local market and grabbed some steaks.  We picked up a nice Malbec from the Wine Shop, as well as some seasoning for the meat.  While we waited for the dry rub to season, we took a stroll to the ocean rocks down by the ocean and took some pictures.   While we were watching the waves come in, we actually saw a sea turtle by the shore (we unfortunately did not get a good photo of the turtle).




The grill was located by the hot tub pool, so in between meat flips we enjoyed the hot tub.  We ate well and drank well, then grew tired from our long day of relaxation and turned in early.

Next Up: Long drives, tide pools