This Betty White nonsense needs to stop

Read: Facebook Wants Betty White to Host EVERYTHING

By now you’ve probably heard/seen the raving success that Betty White’s hosting stint on Saturday Night Live – and as Betty says, it’s largely due to a campaign on Facebook to get her to host.

So yes, Betty White killed it, SNL got a ton of ratings, and the Facebook honks that started that group are breaking their arms patting themselves on the back.

Unfortunately as with most internet memes, the people who started and supported them don’t know when to quit, and are now getting greedy.  Now if you go onto Facebook you’re seeting groups like “Getting Betty White to Host the Academy Awards” (not to be confused with “Betty White to Host the Oscars,”), “Betty White Must Host 2010 Emmys!”, and I’ve there’s “Let’s Get Betty White on Glee”?!?

Seriously, this has gone too far and has got to stop.  For crying out loud, the woman is 88 years old. I know actors are a different breed, but who wants to work this much at 88? Let’s call a victory “a victory” and don’t try to get lightning to strike twice. Betty said it herself, it’s “a huge waste of time”.