108mph on my bike?!?

For the past 2 months I’ve been using Runkeeper to track my biking activities.  It’s really come in handy in my goal to ride my bike to work pretty much every day this summer (I only live ~1.5 miles away from work, so I don’t have an excuse not to).  For the most part it’s been a wonderful tool in tracking my riding activities, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing the progress I’ve made.

This morning’s ride however, showed some interesting results. My 1.5 mile ride turned into a nearly 16 mile ride.  With the 2-3 traffic lights my average speed is about 10-12mph on the ride to work – but this morning’s ride gave me an average of 108.37mph.  I love that I rode my bike faster than I’ve ever driven.

Originally I thought RunKeeper screwed up in bringing a decimal point too far.  However when I went to the site and looked at the map, it became all too clear to me what happened.


If you look at my route, I started in Greeley and did a bird’s eye cross over to my neighborhood in Fort Collins. RunKeeper uses the GPS to track your route (and calculates your speed, etc).  I was in Greeley yesterday and ran FourSquare to try to check in at my jazz band gig last night, which was the last time I used the GPS on my phone.  When I activated my Runkeeper activity this morning, I pressed “Start” before the GPS had time to re-calibrate and figure out I wasn’t in Greeley anymore.

Luckily RunKeeper makes it super easy to go in and modify the map, and I’ve already corrected my route – but it’s pretty cool to think that I went 108mph on my bike…