Well, goodbye Mozy

I read the news on Technologizer this morning that Mozy, my favorite backup online backup solution, is changing their pricing structure.  Gone are the days of “Unlimited” backup, and now you can have to choose either the 50GB backup plan for $5.99 (a $1 increase from the original unlimited plan), or you can go with 125GB over three computers for $9.99 a month.

Basically I’m screwed out of this service – not because I have terabytes of data I’m uploading to them – but because I have 54.1GB of data.  All I’m currently backing up with Mozy are my documents and our photos, but now I’ve just barely breached the 50GB cap. I could probably go and re-evaluate the documents I’m backing up, but to me that defeats the purpose of back-up if I’m trimming away docs just to make the quota.  Even if I were able to scale back 4+ GB, what happens when I take my next trip and take 500mb worth of pictures?

So sorry Mozy, I understand the reality with your costs of business, but your price hikes and structure are going to force long-time loyal users like me to look elsewhere.