Apple Reality Distortion

Given the amount of hype that goes into the launch of any Apple product, I thought I’d do my due-diligence to offer some good-natured balance from the other side:

First off there was an awesome video that Conan put together:

In a more articulate note, Fortune’s Seth Wentraub breaks down some misleading statements made during yesterday’s Apple keynote:

Steve Jobs’ reality distortion takes its toll on truth

Granted Wentraub’s blog is called Google 24/7, so you need to take that grain of salt, but his points are no less valid: how Apple conveniently picks & chooses the specs they care about when it comes to comparing it with other competitors (like Apple won’t tell you how much RAM is in the iPad), how they’re disingenuous about the price comparisons, as well as their claim that they’re the first to ship a dual-core tablet.  If you’re feeling a little warm from Jobs’ reality-distortion field, read this article to cool off.