That’s my boat!


As I’m approaching what’s likely my last week before parenthood, no one ever said that I’d have to go quietly.  I fell in love with kayaking back in 2004 during a visit to my Aunt & Uncle’s summer cabin at Lake Champlain in New York, where I would spend hours on end paddling along the shoreline.  At that point I went home dreaming of having a watercraft that I could take up to the various lakes on weekends.  Practicality put that daydream on hold, but with our house being a sanded path away from a beautiful Windsor lake, the seeds of that dream were returning.  It didn’t take much convincing for Bethany and the next thing you know, it was slated as an early birthday present.  Last weekend we found a deal we couldn’t refuse.

I took the kayak out for its maiden voyage on Monday, and was surprised how quickly it came back to me – just like riding a bike. I was going up and down the shoreline in no time.  Bethany encouraged me to take it for a spin around the island, and no sooner than after turning turning the corner, the wind kicked up the current.  A brief arm workout later, I made it back to the shore.  I went out again on Wednesday, this time with a canoe dolly to see if we can transport the kayak by ourselves – mission accomplished.

I’m excited for the opportunities the kayak will give us. Even with the baby, hopefully we’ll each be able to sneak out for a quick spin around the lake during naps.  Next time you come visit us, come out and take a spin!