Update on Craigslist-Feedly: It’s Both of Them

A lot of my recent traffic has been due people searching for the Feedly/Craigslist problem, and I’m happy to learn that Feedly has finally responded on their blog:

Update Regarding Craigslist Feeds

It sounds like – technologically speaking – both sides aren’t playing nice and the behavior of Feedly polling is overloading Craigslist.  Hopefully this issue is as Feedly describes and both sides can get a resolution soon.  Far be it for me to make assumptions – but reading between the lines of the blog post tells me that Craigslist isn’t really responding to Feedly either. Not to pile on Craigslist again, but I don’t get how these big web site companies can be so inaccessible. I know having a large support at Craigslist isn’t feasible, but come on – would it kill you to check your email or monitor a Twitter account?

I’m not holding my breath. While I love Feedly, my Craigslist feeds are over at Newsblur right now.