Apparently Germany hates our cat

Our kitten Logan provides hours of entertainment at our house, and when we’re lucky we’re able to capture it on video: Kitteh going after balloon

Entertaining? Yes, but apparently Germany doesn’t like the video and has banned YouTube from showing it in that country.

I’m joking about the Germans not liking Logan, but the reality of it is that apparently this video is in violation of German copyright law, because our video has music “licensed and owned by Sony Music Entertainment.”

This just goes to show how asinine copyright law can be in some countries.  We didn’t intend to have this music playing as a soundtrack to Logan’s balloon hunting, it just happened to be on.  If I were to edit the audio out, I pretty much would be forced to eliminate Logan’s talking (or at least need to spend more time than anyone should editing a cat video). 

Last month I submitted a dispute with YouTube, albeit citing US law (which probably won’t be effective for a German takedown), but it has yet to be reviewed.