Crash – An amazing film

Quick post…

Whoever said weekends are supposed to be relaxing?  Hmmm not in my weekend!  Saturday was really busy but overall was pretty good.  I started my day off by going to the movies with my mom, we went to go see Crash.  Now I’ve heard a lot of this movie, but I didn’t hear much about the movie, so I went it not really knowing what to expect.  My mom had chosen the movie and I figured I just wanted to continue the Saturday morning music tradition.  I had no idea what I was in for…

IMDB describes this film as " Several stories interweave during two days in Los Angeles involving a collection of inter-related characters:" while this is true the movie is so much more.  It’s a social commentary on how racial stereotypes are not only very real and prevalent, but the effects of those stereotypes help shape our experiences and encounters with others.  The movie is excellent, intense and very thought-provoking.  I would highly recommend that you see it.

What I appreciated most about the movie was the fact that in confronted the assumption that when you speak of racism and stereotypes you’re only talking about "Whites vs. Blacks" or "Whites vs. Hispanics".  Racial stereotypes exist in all cultures and this movie illustrated many of them.  The notion I took from this movie was that racism and stereotyping transcends cultures, genders and economic classes.  The movie also showed the impacts of people’s choices (on whether or not to act on their stereotypes) and how each event had an impact on everyone’s lives (almost in the form of the ‘Six degrees of separation’ theory).

After watching the movie I walked away with two questions to ponder: 1) Did anyone in the movie experience lasting change/transformation.  How did the events that occurred within that two day period impact their long-term thoughts (especially in regards to race)?  Was there even change?  Who changed? (okay so that’s more than 1 question).   2) What would have happened if one person had changed their decisions/course of action?   Would the movie have ended any differently?  For me the jury is still out on those two questions…  I’ll need more time to think.

Socially I would like to believe that people work hard not to let their racial prejudice get the better of them, but at the same time I would be foolish if I didn’t realize all of these situations occur on a regular basis.  The positive message I took away from this film is the re-enforcement that any of us have the power to shape the lives of others, and if we make positive choices and lead by love rather than fear (and misunderstanding) then may possibly make a positive impact in this world.

Also props to Don Cheadle for his excellent performance in this movie.  I’ve really enjoyed some of his most recent movies, especially Hotel Rwanda.  Let’s hope that he gest more roles like these movies…

The rest of the day went pretty well.  I went to a high school graduation party for one of my faith formation students from church..  Way to go Teresa!  You rock!  My day also included playing some church drums and a coffee trip to Laramie with a friend that was a lot of fun.

Hopefully Sunday will be a sleeping-in day