DMB Red Rocks – Night 1

As promised, more on DMB Red Rocks Night #1.  After a night of sleep under my belt.  It seems pretty surreal that I got to see DMB at Red Rocks.  I remember the last time they came here, in 1998.  I was a junior in high school and I ditched class that morning to stand in line and try to get tickets.  I was there through the whole process, and when I was 9 people away from the front of the line before the both nights of the show sold out.  At that point, it was pretty clear that DMB couldn’t realistically do anymore shows at Red Rocks if they wanted to appease their fan base.  After going to shows at Mile High Stadium, Folsom Field, and two at the Pepsi Center, it was amazing to get the opportunity to see them at such a beautiful venue.

Getting there took a little longer than I thought it would, and we got a pretty late start.  First off I was waiting around for FedEx to deliver Monday Night’s tickets – which was pretty bogus because they’ve been in town since Thursday morning, but I guess the FedEx people wanted to take my package for a ride around town.  So after I finally got Monday’s tickets, I packed up my car with all of the tailgating stuff, and made my way down to Boulder to get my sister.  Traffic was horrendous on the way down, and even though we got a late start (4:00pm when I left Loveland), we didn’t get to Red Rocks until 6:30pm.  At that point the lots seemed pretty full, so my sister and I pulled off on one of the roads, oped up the back of the car, set up our lawn chairs and had our own personal tailgate.  We hung out with a few other fans down there, just chilling out, eating some Chipotle, listening to some music and having a good time.

Red Rocks Setlist:
Night 1

Time Of The Season
Say Goodbye
Dream Girl
Louisiana Bayou
The Stone
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
What Would You Say
Everybody Wake Up
American Baby Intro
Dancing Nancies >>
So Much To Say >> Anyone Seen the Bridge? >>
Too Much

Old Dirt Hill
Ants Marching

When we made our way up to our seats, the opening act just about finished up.  DMB took the stage about 11:20, then played 2 & 1/2 hours of amazing music!  I attached the setlist of what they played.  I won’t bore you with going through every song, but I wanted to highlight a few things:

  • They played Time of the Season – the oldie song by the Zombies that was written in 1968.  It was so out of nowhere and so awesome!
  • Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd – ugh, I kinda hope they don’t play this one again at Red Rocks. The people next to us were getting trashed off of beer, and they kept asking my sister and I if we were going to go get any.  I finally told them "We are, but I’m waiting for a crappy song to come on." Of course I was joking because there are no crappy Dave Matthews songs, but then they started to play thing song and I thought "close enough", so I told my sister I’d be back and went and got us beer.
  • It was funny that they played the American Baby Intro and not American Baby, but since I’ve heard that along with "Everybody Wake Up" I think I’ve heard every song on the Stand Up CD now.
  • With the drunkies next to us – there was this girl that started talking to us half way through.  She was really nice, but then towards the end of the concert she was looking pretty distressed.  When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that she had the hiccups, to which I suggested she hold her breath.  I guess it worked, and she was so happy that she had to thank us like 5 times for it.  You’d think my sister and I saved her life or something.  Pretty funny.

I’m sad to report that I really don’t have any pictures to share (outside of the one of my sister and our make-shift tailgate).  We snuck a disposable camera in, but the flash went off every freakin’ time.  I was mad..  Security there was a joke though, so I’m going to try to smuggle in the digital tonight.  Wish me luck

Overall last night was an amazing night.  I always am so glad to go to Dave Matthews concerts (last night was my 8th) and the best part is that I get to experience this for 3 more nights!

Oh and one other note on my whole "ditching Pastoral Council for the concert".  Yesterday I sent the message out to the council talking about how I need to miss it for  "Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund Raising Event".  I thought I was being all cool and vague, but I GOT FOUND OUT!  This morning I went over to the Vice Chair’s house to run through the agenda with her and she says "So, you’re going to go to that concert at Red Rocks?"  Argggh….  I guess she saw it on the news.  But I’ve been had I guess that’s what I deserve…